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Here is lesson # 83, "Don't Wobble," from my new book, now titled, Awakening the Power of Love: Be Present, Heart Open, No Story:

     Where do we wobble, vacillate, or are hesitant or uncertain in our own life? Where are we not wholeheartedly being ourselves, and embracing fully whatever we are engaged in right here, right now?

    Whenever we waver inwardly, the chances are high that we are not being honest or truthful with ourselves. And yet self-honesty, a rigorous truthfulness with ourselves—as we have explored already—is essential on our journey of awakening.

      We cannot find inner freedom without it. We need to muster the courage to face our inner demons, our unconscious urges and motivations if we want to be free of them.

     The awakening practice affords a relatively simple way of doing this. It brings us back to the truth of what is so, here and now. It brings us back to the place of seeing without any “story” whatsoever, and especially not our ego, our “I” or “me” story. Then we can see our situation clearly, as it actually is.

     One factor causing people to wobble is their fear of making a mistake, of looking foolish. But the freer we are of any “self” image, the more at ease we are. Then it is easy for us to take a stand for something, to say a strong “Yes,” or “No.” This is the awakened “I” in us asserting itself.

     After all, we are one with the flow of life and creation, and we enjoy the opportunity to serve, to help out in any way we can—and if we do somehow act in a way that is foolish or stupid, well, it was what it was.

     We apologize, and say or do whatever else is necessary, and come right back to this very moment.

     Now there is one last, cautionary word for those us who still wobble, and that is: mediocre. Whatever we want to accomplish in life, work, or in our relationships, we assured of getting mediocre results if we wobble.

     But the moment we take a stand for our mission, purpose, or cause—or whatever our reason for being here is—we begin to shine like the brightest of stars.


“Sit or stand; above all, don’t wobble.”


Zen saying  


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End Your Story, Begin Your Life

My book, End Your Story, Begin Your Life published by Hampton Roads ($16.95) is in paperback. It has been widely-praised as one of the best and clearest guides to being free while fully engaging in the marketplace of daily life. More details on the Books page. Also available as an audiobook.

An article about my work, by Joyce Tate Dvoren, is in the December 2011 issue of LA Yoga. Titled ‘Three Steps to Freedom,’ it can be read online at http://www.layoga-digital.com/layoga/201112#pg22

The Essence of my Teaching

Nonduality, nondual, spiritual, enlightenment, awakening, self-realization, and liberation are all pointers to the ultimate truth of life, but they aren't truth itself.  Meditation, awareness, and mindfulness can help us awaken to the truth, but it is only through direct seeing - "Oh, I am not any thought of or story, and not even this 'I' thought" - that we awaken to who and what we really are. Then we discover the peace, happiness, joy, and love that is our true nature. This is the direct path. the path that leads to the awakening to oneness. 

My work is in the tradition of Jean Klein, Ramana Maharshi, and Nisargadatta, Maharaj, but it is very contemporary, addressing the challenges of our time, and has been compared to Eckhart Tolle, author of Power of Now, Adyashanti, and Byron Katie.

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