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Meanwhile, here's an excerpt from my just-completed new book, You are Beautiful as you Are: Wake Up to Freedom, Love, and Presence in a Year or Less.

Stop Believing your Thoughts...

Another way of describing what I teach is that freedom arises when we stop “believing” in our thoughts, and especially the “I” and “me” thoughts.  

However, to stop believing our thoughts is, for most of us, challenging. A thought occurs and we tend to follow it, we tend to obsess about if it attracts our attention. We build or fabricate a “story” about the real or imagined event or situation. Sometimes it can be an intrusive or unwanted thought.

We then become identified with our “story” and this is reflected in our emotional state—ease and pleasure if it’s a story or fantasy that comforts us, worry and fear if it’s one that makes us anxious.
As we look deeply within, we realize more and more that our problem or issue, and the emotional reaction, invariably arises from our perception of it—our “story”—which is not real.

After all, a story—no matter how true or accurate it is in describing the facts, the reality of a situation—is still just a “story,” appearing as thoughts, words, and images in the mind. Our thoughts, momentary flashes of neuronal energy, only seem “real” for a moment, and then they are gone. Poof!

So this work is about finding a new relationship with thought. It is discover that because you can observe the coming and going of every thought that arises in your mind, including the “I” and “me” thoughts, you cannot be your thoughts. Rather, you are what is observing. And what is that?

We could call it the Observer, the Witness, or your Spirit but that is just more conceptual information, more thought, more “story.”

When you stop believing your thoughts, you become aware of a startling truth—you, as this conscious person, very much exist here and now!

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From my book, The Simple Truth of Happiness. The eight meditations are titled: 1) The Perfection of this Moment, 2) Choosing Thoughts, 3) Knowing Yourself as the Changeless, 4) Forgiveness, 5) Revisiting Past Traumas, 6) Deeper Levels of Resistance, 7) The Experience of Oneness, and 8) Looking into a Mirror.

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An article about Jim and his work, by Joyce Tate Dvoren, is in the December 2011 issue of LA Yoga. Titled ‘Three Steps to Freedom,’ it can be read online at http://www.layoga-digital.com/layoga/201112#pg22

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