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The Silence that is your True Nature

“All things appear and disappear in silence,” said Jean Klein.

You can read these words for yourself, on a plaque below a bench facing the ocean at Hendry’s Beach, or Arroyo Burro as it is now called, in Santa Barbara.

He spent his last years living there. When he was confined to a wheelchair, he would sit at the site of the bench, about twenty-five yards south of the restaurant, and gaze contemplatively out at the ocean, enjoying the exquisite silence behind everything.      

All things appear and disappear in silence. These seven simple words sum up the essence of Jean’s teaching, and of the nondual truth of life. They contain everything you need to know about enlightenment, inner freedom, and unconditional love.        

Everybody who has awakened to their true nature, even though they may never have heard these actual words before, will understand immediately what they mean. Behind everything, giving rise to everything, is the vast, exquisite silence that we are. The more awake and free we are, the more we feel ourselves one with that silence. We are the silence.

Listen for the silence right now. Take a deep, slow, conscious breath and be supremely present, alert, watchful within and without. Feel that fact of your existence here, now. It is undeniable—you exist here and now. This the one absolute, changeless reality of which you can be certain.      

Now notice how everything else comes and goes in your experience: thoughts and stories, even the “I” and “me” thought; sensations, feelings, and emotions; people, things, events, and circumstances.

But you, as this aware, conscious human being, remain. You exist as awareness, the space in which everything comes and goes, appears and disappears. So, be one with that space. Sink into it. Rest in it. Allow yourself to merge fully with it, so you and the vast spaciousness of being—the ocean of consciousness—become one.    

Now listen for the silence that permeates the spaciousness you are. Become one with the silence. Allow yourself to bask in it—the dynamic stillness, the fullness, the richness. Realize that it is the source of all creation. Everything that is born, lives, and dies flows out of this silence and dissolves back into it.

You can even say a little mantra to yourself: “I am this…” and then release it, let it go, and simply come back to basking in the delicious silence of being.

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The Nondual Path

The nondual path, when it is fully understood, leads to awakening, or self-realization.

And what is there to understand?

That this timeless now is all there is, and everything between our ears is a "story" - including the "story" of "I" and "me"  - that comes and goes...

Once we see this, our emotional experience is always, essentially, one of ease, harmony, and flow.

We are established in our true nature, in other words, and take action guided by wisdom and love.

Then we have new, happy, inspiring "stories" to share with those in our world...

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