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The teaching and the practice making up the heart of this book come directly out of my own experience as a seeker of truth. I was on a spiritual journey for twenty years, seeking enlightenment, or inner freedom. Then, in the spring of 1995, my seeking came to an end when I finally realized my true nature. I have been at peace, free of conflict and suffering, ever since. The main elements of my own story, the story of how I came to the understanding that I am not my story, are in this book...

If you absorb the teaching in these pages, and learn to do the practice every time you experience emotional conflict, upset, or suffering, you will yourself awaken to freedom, to the inner peace that does not depend on circumstances, much, much quicker than I did. As an example of how this can happen, read Juliana Dahl’s story at the beginning of Chapter One. She is the mother of four children, and awakened to her true nature just three short years after we met.

The teaching itself is simple. It is to grasp that while we are a story-telling people, the stories we tell come and go, they change, but we, in our essence, are always here. We, as the pure awareness that sees and knows are still here, still looking through our eyes, sensing with our body, feeling with our heart and gut. Realizing we are that which is always present, and not the thought or story, which is ever-changing, is to be awake and free.

End Your Story, Begin Your Life (Hampton Roads, $16.95), can be ordered through your favorite bookstore, or online here.

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Falling into Light is a magical, heart-warming tale about the meaning of love, death, and reincarnation.

Jake Bennett, fifteen years old, is still devastated by the tragic loss of his parents a year ago. When the novel begins, we find him running through a redwood forest near the northern California town of Occidental, where he lives, literally trying to outrun his pain.

Then he stumbles upon an unusual cat named Maya, who leads him down a mysterious path to a clearing, where an old woman named Bertie is quietly working in her garden. Bertie sees Jake’s pain and opens her heart to him. She takes him into her arms, and together they embark on a healing journey filled with light and magic.

Bertie introduces Jake to the spiritual wisdom of her late husband, an African-American named Meriweather. As the story unfolds, we see the heaviness in Jake’s heart fall away as he reconnects with the source of love and wholeness within him. At the same time, he is given a dramatically new perspective on where we come from, why we are here, and what happens when we die.

Just at the point where it seems Bertie has helped him find the answers to all his questions, their journey comes to an unexpected end. At first, the shock of this turn of events seems to threaten everything Jake learned from Bertie.

But the novel ends with a surprise twist reinforcing what Bertie showed him. There is a divine power, mystery, and grace to life which, when we open to it and trust it, lights the path before us and guides us every step of the way.

"Wow, Jim... Fantastic! I LOVE your new novel!! I am amazed at the amount of inspiring info you pack into it, without it being in the least bit boring. I think it should be more popular than the Celestine Prophecy… I love the juicy way you have included sensory experiences in it, which makes it much easier for the reader to take in new information. I reckon it could wake many people up just by the reading of it. GREAT STUFF!!!" -Paula Polson, Melbourne, Australia

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The Way of Harmony: Walking the Inner Path to Balance, Happiness, and Success (Avon Books)

I wrote this book because I wanted to give readers a set of powerful tools for both awakening to inner freedom, and for balancing the spiritual life with the material reality. Many readers report that this book has had a profound impact on their lives.

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The Ultimate Cure: The Healing Energy Within You (Llewellyn Publications) The Ultimate Cure was my first book. There is a lot of my personal story in here, and it contains many tools, tips, and anecdotes about the spiritual journey, and how to make the ‘ultimate cure’ of full spiritual realization a day-by-day experience in your life. It’s now out-of-print in English (it’s been translated into Italian, German, and Chinese), you can pick up a good used copy from www.amazon.com.

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Somatic Technique: A Simplified Method of Releasing Chronically Tight Muscles And Enhancing Mind/Body Awareness (Wild Goose Press) is an illustrated book I wrote when I was still a doctor of chiropractic. The information in this book is a must-read for bodyworkers and hands-on musculoskeletal practitioners. The week I spent with Thomas Hanna, the developer of this system, at Esalen in 1989 changed my professional life. I spent several years working with his technique of releasing chronically tight muscles and adapted it into the method that I created. You can learn the work from the book. It is fully illustrated and the techniques are really easy to learn. They represent the cutting-edge of bodywork. Please click here for excerpts.

"A clearly explained, excellently written, and valuable instructional manual. This work is a must for all chiropractors, massage practitioners, and body workers." -Dennis Hertenstein, DC, Santa Rosa, California
"Great work. Like accelerated Feldenkrais. Resolves musculoskeletal problems that nothing else seems to help." -Rico Provasoli, DC, Larkspur, California

To order Somatic Technique, visit www.somatictechnique.com, where you can preview and download the eBook for $24.95