My Interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump

I invite you to check out my February 2015 90-minute interview with Rick Archer on "Buddha at the Gas Pump." It is the most in-depth presentation about my work. Click HERE.

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What will Happen in our Private Session?  

After I have introduced you personally to the healing and transforming power of the mantra, "We are beautiful as we are...," we will address where you still get stuck, triggered, where you are not yet free. 

We'll delve into the "story" - which may very well be unconscious - you tell yourself, and the uncomfortable emotions it generates. As you learn to open your heart to your own experience, to welcome it - and I will be there, gently guiding you every step of the way - space opens up inside you.

As you become more present with what is, you are no longer so identified with/attached to this "I" who fiercely resists what's arising with you. You see the "I" thought, the "story-teller," for what it is - a thought that also comes and goes, that it is no more real than the "stories" it tells, and so is not who and what you really are.

You realize that you don't come and go. You, as the beautiful, luminous awareness you are, are always here. When you see this, it produces an exhilarating feeling of liberation, love, and flow!

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Other Videos

Check out this 27 minute video, here, that I did at Unity Santa Barbara, Sunday September 13, 2015.


About The Secret of Awakening (111 pages)



“How do I hold onto this?” is a question seekers-of-truth often ask me, referring to the feeling of ease and flow, of deep peace or bliss that they have just awakened to.

“You can’t hold onto it,” I reply, “because it is what you are. The ‘I’ that wants to hold onto ‘it,’ your ego ‘self,’ is the problem. See that, see that the ‘I’ you think you are, the ‘story-teller,’ comes and goes like every other thought in your mind, yet ‘you,’ as the seeing are always here, and you’ll be free.”

And that, in a nutshell, is the secret of awakening—or enlightenment, or self-realization as it has more traditionally been called.

By way of elaborating on the “secret,” this short book consists entirely of a meditation journal I kept for six weeks in the spring of 1983. This was shortly before I sold my chiropractic practice in Santa Rosa, California, and embarked on a 9-month journey through Southeast Asia in my quest for awakening.

So, this “journal” was written from the un-awakened perspective, from the time when I still believed “I” was my thoughts, my “story,” my “identity” around what I did in the world, the house I lived in, the car I drove, and so on.   

I took everything very personally, in other words, and when things went well, I was happy, and when they didn’t, I suffered. But I was very definitely a hard-core, genuine seeker who eventually—12 years later—found the inner freedom he sought.  

What I found, the key that unlocks the “secret,” are the comments written in italics at various places within the journal. These describe my experience now.

And my experience now is one of ease, harmony, and flow, and a deep and profound gratitude for life—essentially 24/7. I am a content and happy man, one who is living his true, destined purpose…

(Read a selection from The Secret of Awakening below…)

Thursday, June 2, 1983


    This journal is nearing a close. Thinking, speculating, and writing too easily become a substitute for meditation—and it is the meditation, not the words about it, that is increasingly important to me.




    To meditate is to burn away all thought, everything in the mind, with the blowtorch of awareness…

    No, that is too harsh a metaphor

    It is to allow the mind’s activity to slow down and dissolve altogether so that one finds oneself totally at one with the moment.




    Ah, Jim… Jim… I smile at myself, my almost thirty-year ago self, with sweet compassion. I reach out and embrace my younger self with warmth and tenderness, just as I embrace my son, Adam, today.

    What I didn’t see then that I see and understand so clearly now? “I” still believed awakening or enlightenment was a “state,” a state of perfect peace and oneness in the present, such as I found in meditation.

    But what I found when I finally woke up was that to be awake and free is not a “state”—it is the ground of being, our natural “state,” you might say.  When we are awake we live free of the “I,” our ego, in an endless state (with minor interruptions, because we are still human!) of ease, harmony, and flow.




    There are literally thousands of ways I’ve explained, or tried to explain, this thing called “meditation.” Well, hundreds, anyway! None of them are it. The word is not the thing described. All my concepts and “understandings” are simply ways of looking at what is essentially indescribable.

    It can only be experienced.

    Experience it then. Drop everything and be here now, totally, fully, completely. I am doing it.

    This moment is incredibly alive and complete.




    Meditation is a clearing. It is to clear the mind of every cobweb of thought and memory so that one finds oneself living, breathing, and being greatly aware and content in the present.

    It is to observe thoughts as they come up, watching them come, letting them go by, not getting attached to any of it because one sees the futility. One sees that what one is looking for is not “out there” in time and space, but is here right now, in and before our very eyes.

    This may still be the most important thing. Seeing the limitation of the mind, seeing the futility of security through a belief, an idea, a concept. Seeing that there is no security, no deep fulfillment, in the mind. Seeing all this about the mind and therefore dropping it, letting it go—and finding oneself here.




    Ah, but the seeing of the limitation of the mind—which is the unreality of thought—has to happen over, and over, and over again until it sinks into our consciousness—until we finally begin to embody, or live, the understanding.




    Meditation is to trust that what happens later will be okay. Notice how the mind never trusts, which is why it is always thinking about “later.”

    So “trust” is not an idea, not something to be affirmed. When I am in meditation, when I am one with life as I am now, trust is implicit.

    As Kabir says, what is found now is found then. Everything is perfect now and it will be then.

    This is what it means to break the bondage of linear time, the past always repeating itself in the future.




    “When I am in meditation, when I am one with life as I am now, trust is implicit.” That’s what awakening does for us—we are in “meditation” essentially 24/7. Meditation, after all, is just being supremely 


We are Beautiful: Mastering the Shift that Brings Us Together (238 pages in PDF)

Those of us who have awakened to inner freedom have one thing in common: we know ourselves as beautiful, open-hearted, essentially ego-free people here, now, and wish the same for everyone we meet.

This book teaches the mantra, “We are beautiful as we are…,” and invites us to affirm it and then look for any resistance that comes up. Anxiety, fear, self-doubt, self-esteem issues, resentment, blame, guilt—not to mention emotional discomfort—will arise if the mantra is not true for us. The book then guides us in seeing that we’re not our ego, our “I” thought—the “story-teller”—nor the many “stories” we tell, the judgments, expectations, and reactive emotions that prop our ego up. Why not?

Because we can watch the whole drama coming and going between our ears—and we’re not anything that comes and goes. We are the clear, loving presence that’s always here, watching. If we get triggered, we feel the emotion without creating a “story” about it. We see how our reaction came from our past which was real then but is not real now. Only now, our current circumstances, is real.

All the above is explained clearly in the Introductory Pages, which are then followed by 108 lessons, each no longer than two pages. The lessons summarize how awakening is integrated into family, work, health, money, creativity, social engagement, and every aspect of daily life.

(Read a selection from We are Beautiful below…)


DOING THE PRACTICE (from page 174)


Mastering the Shift


    To master the shift, which is essential for true awakening, the final freedom, we must be totally honest with ourselves as we search ceaselessly inwardly for the answer to the question: “Where am I not yet free?”

    We must leave no stone unturned in our quest for freedom, no “thought” we identify with unexamined.

    But, ultimately, we discover that a single thought alone is responsible for all our self-doubt, suffering, and misery—the “I,” or ego thought, the “self” we most personally and intimately identify with.

    We must realize that the “I,” the “story-teller,” is no more real than the “stories” it tells—after all it, too, comes and goes—yet we, as the bright, shining awareness we are, are still very much here. Once this is seen we come upon a peace that is beyond understanding.

    We still have an “I” thought, an ego, but now we know we are not it. We still have “stories,” lots of them, and our emotional history, but we now know that we are not that either. Freed of the sense of being an “I,” a psychological/emotional “person,” our mind is much, much quieter, more alert and present.

    Then we come to true inner silence, a silence that does not need words or anything else to sustain it, because it is the foundation, the background, the context of our very being. It is a silence that is healing, vast beyond worlds, and is continually self-renewing. It is a silence that is the source of everything, that is rich and full of an infinitely vibrant love, compassion, and creative energy.

    And we realize we are the silence, that we and it are one—right now, right here, in this very moment.

    Then, when we think of the mantra, “We are beautiful as we are…” we realize how true and powerful those six simple words are…