Journey into Freedom

Upcoming Events with Jim Dreaver

Note: All times PST (Pacific Standard Time)

For questions or more information, call Jim at 310-916-4037. 

Monday, November 27, 7 - 8.45 pm. "The Joy of Freedom" Gathering with Jim. 2860 Verde Vista Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.* By donation, all welcome!



*Private residence, take State St north to E. Alamar, which is marked by a stop light/Lemon Tree Inn. Right on Alamar, Verde Vista is 2nd street on right, 2nd block on right, 4th house—standing stone Buddha in front! (Please - no wearing of any scents/perfumes).

All emotional suffering—stress, worry, anxiety, self-doubt, resentment, anger, guilt, shame, and fear—arises from not knowing who we truly are. It comes from identifying with this ego “I” (insert “name” here) we take ourselves to be.


The shift into freedom happens as we become present, look within, and realize we’re not this ego “I” after all. Why not? Because it comes and goes, shifts and changes, yet “we,” as awareness—the space in which our thoughts arise—are always here.


Jim invites you to share where you’re not yet free, then guides you in exploring the “story” behind the issue. As you learn to welcome your emotional reactions, you see more clearly how your “story” comes and goes.


This produces a shift. Without any “story” to fuel it, your suffering unwinds, and you relax into the presence you are. Moreover, the whole group benefits by your willingness to be vulnerable. They get more insight into their limiting “stories.”


Freer of the obsession with “me, myself, and my story,” your mind is clearer, more available as a powerful tool to create what you really want, and your heart is more open. Come join us and discover the joy of freedom!


From the time I first met Jim, I could feel the depth of his presence. He truly embodies "being present in the Now" that many of us aspire to. With him, I had an extraordinary experience that was life-changing. I saw something about myself that liberated me from an old, old pattern. I am so grateful!”


Marigrace Gleason, Sherman Oaks, CA


For a video interview I did with Rick Archer at Buddha at the Gas Pump, where I talk in-depth about my work, click HERE.




After Esalen Workshop, September 9 - 14, 2012



Esalen 2011
Simone, Rougui, Greg, Silke, Hector, Matthew, Rico, Joel, Jim, Lucia, and Michael; Group photo by Lee

Esalen 2011
Group feet by Lee 

Esalen 2011
Greg, Lee, Hector, and Matthew

Esalen 2011
Rougui at Julia P. Burns, group hike

Esalen 2011
Simone, Lucia, Silke, and Michael, group hike in Mcway Canyon

Esalen 2011
Jim and Donna on Rolf deck

Esalen 2011
Hector, El Magneto de las Mujeres, with Simone and Lucia

Esalen 2011

Esalen 2011
Our Group!