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One of the traditional definitions of awakening, or enlightenment, is that it is a state of fearlessness. The journey of awakening is above all a process of uncovering and facing your different fears. As you see with more and more clarity that they are not real, they begin to fall away. Then you are naturally more loving and more connected to consciousness, God, spirit, or whatever you choose to call the mysterious Power behind creation.

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Question: I am grateful for finding myself of late more and more in a space of equanimity and equilibrium, now knowing myself as the witness of the world between my ears. I find the story which was my life has lost its emotional charge. The strange side of this seems to be that I no longer ''worry'' about my family, children and friends who used to seek the comfort of my shoulder to cry on. Seeing the perfection (the Big Picture) of all happenings, I no longer feel the need to offer them (ego-tainted) advice and so now they accuse me of no longer caring about them!

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A Mother’s Grief

Question: My son was killed three years ago, shot by a law-enforcement officer.  I did not receive very much information and had none of my questions answered.  Wisely my daughter and I had him cremated and scattered his ashes in the ocean.

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Everything that can be seen changes, but you are the seeing, that which never changes. Know yourself as the seeing, and you'll always be.

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The Now

Q: There is a section in your book, The Way Of Harmony, where you talk about clock time versus psychological time. I think what a lot of people find themselves doing is looking toward the past experiences of pleasure or look forward to future prospects of pleasure because their present moment is unhappy.

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