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When our inner peace and well-being depend on forces outside ourselves (circumstances, the marketplace, other people) the stress and anxiety that result in personal conflict, and that get in the way of our effectiveness, are always close at hand. Our buttons get all too easily pushed.

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Q: I am grateful for finding myself of late more and more in a space of equanimity and equilibrium, now knowing myself as the witness of the world between my ears. I find the story which was my life has lost its emotional charge.

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Weight Loss

Q: My question for you is about weight. I love to read and learn so my understanding about what you are saying is there. Intellectually I get it, feeling it is another thing.

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Q: I am sensing something new, that it is the attachment to the stories that run me that is behind my suffering. I want to learn more about this.

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Q. I worry about money a lot—about not being able to pay my bills, not having enough at the end of the month. I want you to say more about money, especially about how someone who is awake relates to money.

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