I have a great story to share with you. I met Marjorie, a lady who is now 85, at a satsang I was giving in Los Angeles about seven or eight years ago. She came one or two times and then, because she was disabled, whenever I visited LA, I would usually see her for a private session in her home. She lived in Santa Monica, near the beach, in a nice but very small apartment.

Then for whatever reason, I didn’t see her for a year or two. But when I moved to LA two years ago, I began visiting her again, always reminding her of her already beautiful, pure, true nature. When my book, end your story. Begin your life… came out in hardcover, I gave her a copy.

What always impressed me about Marjorie was that she was always a dedicated, diligent student. She had been seeking enlightenment, inner peace, for over forty years, trying everything from yoga teaching (when she first set out on her journey, she lived in an ashram), meditation, working with her chakras, and intensive spiritual reading. She wanted to find enlightenment, she told me, so that she could live the rest of her life in peace.

But she had many problems, beginning with both her children, who had suffered because she wasn’t there for them. She had a lot of guilt. During our visits, I just encouraged her to recognize that the neglect of her children may have been true once, but it was just a story now, one that she kept on beating herself up with. As soon as she realized she wasn’t her story, I said, it would fall away, and the guilt created by the story would dissolve, and she would feel freer, more at peace. Then she would see everything, including her children, with new eyes, and would know if anything needed to be done, including making amends if she could, and asking for their forgiveness, but all from a very clear, present place.

Well, in her own way and own time, she gradually became freer and freer of all that bound her. When I saw her the last time, the first time in at least six weeks, she smiled warmly. There was such light and energy in her eyes. She said, “Whenever I find myself caught up in a moment of self-doubt or judgment, I just remember to breathe, and relax into being. It feels wonderful, such a sense of ease and flow, of true acceptance.” She told me that her son, who had been angry at her most of his life, had called her out of the blue to wish her a happy Jewish New Year. It was the first time in memory that he had ever called her. She experienced what I call the power of presence. When we let go of a judgment we’re been holding onto, it gives the other person the space to open up, and we become fully present with each other. She smiled again. “Now I truly can live the rest of my life in peace.”

Love and blessings,