The Future of Humanity is Bright

I have a ‘student,’ Darren, who is forty years old, married with three children, and lives in Australia. I’ve been working with him off and on via Skype for the past two plus years, guiding him to the realization of his true nature, the fundamental oneness that we, humanity, are.

I use the word ‘student’ advisedly, because on this path concepts like ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ are only a device, used for people who still think they are their thoughts, their story—that the world inside their heads is real.

Eventually, when Darren realizes that, at the deepest level of his being, he is me and I am him—and he is drawing ever closer to this realization—all concepts, including those of ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ will dissolve, and he will be permanently free, as free as any human can be. He will be truly at peace within, a peace that cannot be shaken, that does not depend on circumstances.

When I started working with Darren, his head was full of spiritual ideas and stories, and hopes and fears, especially around death and what was going to happen when he died. His favorite spiritual figure was Meher Baba, and he was a member of a group devoted to studying Meher Baba’s teachings.

He would try to tell stories about Meher Baba to his eldest daughter, Mani, ten or eleven at the time, but she would always turn up her nose and say, “Rubbish, Daddy,” then go off and play. Furthermore, he told me, she had always seemed angry at him for much of her life, and would never let him kiss or cuddle her.

But gradually, as Darren and I dialogued together over the next two years, he began to see the truth: that all these stories and questions were merely that. They had nothing to do with what he was experiencing here, now, in this very moment. And the essence of awakening to freedom, of course, is realizing that only this moment now exists.

The freer we are, the more we live fully and creatively in the present. We honor the past, we keep an eye on the future, but we are always right here, dealing with and responding to whoever and whatever is in front of us.

As a result of becoming freer, Darren’s relationship with his wife and children is changing. In a word, it is more authentic. Just the other day, he told me a story about Mani. Mani looked at him, tears of joy streaming down her thirteen year old cheeks, and said: “Wow, Dad, what you’re telling me now feels so good, everything is so bloody beautiful…”
He told me that he just stayed very present with her, his gaze full of love. Mani continued, “I’m so grateful to you for telling me about this…” and then hugged him and kissed him, and it brought tears to Darren’s eyes.

So, this is how I know that the future of humanity is bright. A young girl in Australia is waking up to the truth of her being: that she is pure, vibrant consciousness, manifesting in this unique body, mind, and personality that is her.

She and many, many thousands of others throughout the world are realizing the same thing: that humanity, and all life, is, at its most basic level, one.

Love and blessings,