Dear Friend,

Gratitude is one of the predominant emotions we feel once we are free: gratitude for the gift of life, for the gift of being able to experience whatever we’re experiencing. Gratitude just for being here, in this very moment. Jean Klein taught me about gratitude in the mid eighties, and now it is my experience.

A sixty year old woman I worked with on skype the other day is a seasoned spiritual seeker. She was for many years a member of the inner circle of a spiritual community with a very powerful guru at its head. Her core ‘story’ was that she could never be truly ‘enlightened’ because then she would be like the guru… this pure, transcendent ‘master’ she previously held in such reverence. She tended to beat herself up with her ‘I’m not good enough to be enlightened’ story. Plus, she was living with a man with whom she constantly fought, and she recognized at some level that, while he had his own issues, she was definitely projecting her unhappiness out on him.

As we dialogued via skype, I found myself smiling, even laughing a lot, as this woman unfolded her ‘story.’ I saw how present she really was; on the verge of full realization, in fact. She mirrored my smiles and laughter, and saw for herself the absurdity of her ‘story,’ and the emotional suffering that resulted.

Gradually, she arrived at a place of true peace, and we just grinned happily at each other, each of us basking in the realization that, in our essence, we were one. We scheduled another session, and a short while later, I got an email from her.

She said: For so many years this possibility would almost be considered a kind of heresy.  It has taken these many years to open to this reality.  You gave me so much in this process, renewal within, and a warm heart and much loving kindness.  A beautiful gift... meeting you. The best… just the best!!!!

I smiled. Her message warmed the cockles of my heart! I thought to myself: ‘That’s why I do this work…’

Love and blessings,