Dear Friend,

I am traveling and teaching down under, in New Zealand and Australia, during the month of November (see Special Events on menu bar). I invite those of you who live there to consider attending my workshop either in NZ or Australia. It will be great to meet you and to assist, in whatever way I can, on your journey back to the freedom that is your true nature!

It will be the first time back in NZ since my mother died 11 years ago, so it’s long overdue. We’re having a reunion of my mother’s extended family. In many ways, growing up wasn’t a happy experience for me and I left my family of origin when I was young, then ended up living in America, which was about as far away as I could get. I made trips back to NZ throughout the years, however, and both my Mum and Dad visited me in California.

Then, when I had a family of my own—a wife and a new son—that wasn’t a happy experience either. I remember when Adam was four, playing on the swings in Ragle Park in Sebastopol, California, and I was watching him, feeling unhappy in my marriage to his mother. I had the thought, looking at my son, “I almost wish you hadn’t been born,” and in that moment, he fell off the swing. He cut his chin badly on the seat as he fell, and bled profusely. Talk about instant karma! I rushed to help him, of course, and was very aware that I needed to cancel the thought I’d had, and cancel all such negative thoughts about him not being born.

But a pattern was set, a resistance to family. His mother and I divorced when he was six, and we co-parented him till he was out of high school. He lived with me from age 17 to 19, and then I had the strokes and needed my own space to heal. He has since lived with friends, on his own, and then the last few years with his mother. But a powerful dream I had earlier this year told me that we needed to live together again in Los Angeles. We needed to heal our relationship and take it to the next level.

So we have been doing that these past five months. It has been a rocky road at times. There have been a few occasions when I’ve thought, “I don’t need his anger and abuse anymore… I want him out of here.” But because I love him and want to work it out, I have hung in with him. Truly, it’s been my greatest challenge. I’ve always said my son was my fiercest teacher, as well as my last remaining significant ‘residue,’ or old ego pattern that can get triggered from time to time.

So, I welcome these opportunities to see where I’m still not free in regard to my son! The result of our work together is that our relationship is slowly becoming more easy, flowing, and fun. It is rich and rewarding, definitely worth all the darkness and struggle.

Love and blessings,